Co-founder at Sila Sveta

Alexander Us is one of the founders of Sila Sveta (which translates as 'Power of Light'), a Moscow-based interactive media, turnkey production and conceptual design company, which opened a branch in Los Angeles in 2015.

SILA SVETA was formed in 2008 with the idea "to create astonishing things which make people a little bit happier." Sila Sveta reached a turning point when the young company won a prestigious video mapping contest at the 1st International Festival of Light in Moscow. From that point on, Sila Sveta was on every agency's radar for creating outrageous immersive shows.

SILA SVETA now counts more than 100 full time employees in two offices: Moscow and New York. The company executes 1/3 of its projects internationally, utilizing all possible technologies to develop projects that result in an exceptional emotional experience to viewers and make the team proud of their work.

The main areas of expertise are immersive product launches, shows for concerts and festivals, permanent installations, large-scale architectural projects and theatrical experiences.

Its core intention remains to create color, experience and emotion using the magic of light.

Sila Sveta – Probably the most Amazing Video and Light Art in the World.

Their portfolio contains:

  • America's Got Talent video that stunned the world, where the dancers move in a 3D environment, created by video projections and light. That was Sila Sveta and the crazy mind of Alexander US – one of the founders of Sila Sveta created the concept and brought it to the USA.

  • Another breathtaking work of the crew was the mapping of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

  • And the Audi Q7 VR, an immersive experience at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • There was also Arma 17 – the best techno club in Russia, which hosted all the biggest names on the scene and rocked the best sound system in Moscow, as well as a gorgeous location.

  • The Houston Space Center, which is the holy place of American cosmic technologies and space travel, booked the crew to take part in creating a permanent installation for the Mission to Mars project. That's the "intellectual and international" part of the company's business dealing with cultural institutions worldwide.

Alexandr will talk about "intellectual and international" content. How to create a modern international language for live events? What are "wow-effects", and what meaning do they have today?

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