Head of Brand Experience, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)
I lead a great team that is truly passionate about creating great brand experiences. My take on it, is how we can support core strategies and make experiences for our members and customers that builds loyalty or satisfaction. My current responsibility is leading Brand Experience Team at SAS, where we lead experiences like Euro Bonus Activities and House of Scandinavia. Our project House of Scandinavia is now growing into new arenas, and our Olympic project during the Summer Olympics in 2020 is by far the greatest one ( and most complex.)

I am an innovative person, aiming to driving change and challenging the old. I really enjoy exploring how we can "connect the dots" and tear down silos, to work more cross functional within a big company like SAS. Now, as SAS is aiming to be the most sustainable global airline, all parts of our company must manage to think sustainability in all our actions. That gives us all an extra challenge, and new knowledge and insight is always fun.

Cecilie in a few Tweets:

  • My latest projects are: www.houseofscandinavia.com and www.travelersgems.com

  • I'm more in Consumer and corporate sector

  • My passion in life is: my kids, family and traveling. And actually work. It takes a lot of my time. It's acceptable as long as it gives you energy!

  • My biggest challenge is: patience

  • An awards-winning project must: reach the KPI's, drive brand ( awareness, satisfaction, willingness to pay.) but also showcase scalability ( from physical to digital/social.)

  • My advice to the nominees: Be true, present the facts and be transparent. What obstacles did you explore and meet?

  • When I judge, the most important criteria for me is: Facts mixed with passion and engagement!

  • To understand if the project was successful or not I need to: see the results. Did it move any parameters?

  • The information I need to know/see in your application form is: Set KPI's and numbers. Experiences with facts. Video is always fun!

  • Live presentations I appreciate the most are: Engagement and passion. Focus on the story and pitch!


  • In the face of such big challenges, it's easy to feel powerless, insignificant, useless and unmotivated. How do your projects help people to feel meaningful, happy?

At Scandinavian Airlines we have a large community of loyal members and frequent flyers. We want to create meaningful experiences for them, also outside the airports and flying. The experiences are based on their largest interests, in our case: sport, tech & innovation and health & well being. Therefore we are facilitating meetings in relevant and trustworthy contexts.

  • What are the key messages of your projects?

Scalability and Relevance. For House of Scandinavia it is actually a communication platform that collects and connects our travelers and businesses with the world. We truly believe that travelers are the future, and that people still need to meet to face the real challenges. Explore and exchange ideas and learn from each other. At the same time, we are truly proud to represent Scandinavian culture and by facilitating House of Scandinavia we want to showcase to the world the best of what we have to offer.

  • Life communication industry reflects World changes faster than anything else. What changes did you notice in last few years and how such big brands as SAS have to correspond with them?

The awareness around sustainability and company responsibility. To stay relevant, while we protect our core business, we need to resolve real challenges and dare to put E challenges on the agenda.

  • Instead of integrated partnership campaigns you choose another path - you have your own big projects in house. How did you come up with such a decision? Is there more responsibility?

We truly believe that we can build our own, and to use our own assets to create experiences. We must link the experiences to our role in society and to our business. At the same time, one of our most important parameters is also how we can create internal engagement and pride.

  • You have a lot of different projects, different campaigns, are they made with the same message for different targets or?

Yes, they are. But in most of our projects we are focusing on our main target groups. Our members are frequent flyers, with +5 flights a year.

  • What do you stand for?

I stand for purpose driven experiences based on insight and knowledge. And I always want to try and test. Sometimes that gives results other times they don't. But at least, then we tried. I truly support challengers and I have no problem with facing mistakes and transparency. You will always meet respect and understanding if you are open about mistakes.

  • What role events play in your life?

I love great events that give me inspiration, new knowledge and insight I can transfer into our own projects.

  • What inspires you the most?

Entrepreneurs that create products, projects and businesses that can play a role of solving global challenges.

  • What is the main difference between scandinavian and european LiveCom industry?

I don't think I have the right answer to these questions. But since i am representing a Scandinavian company, I truly inspires by the Scandinavian openness and willingness to cooperate