Country Lead Norway at George P. Johnson Experience Marketing
George P. Johnson is the leading global event and experience marketing agency.
With the world's most progressive brands increasingly activating global campaigns, this session will look at the need for localisation of global messaging and how to achieve world class event delivery in all markets.


George P. Johnson is the leading global events and experience marketing agency. For more than a century we have been creating brand experiences for the world's most progressive brands including IBM, Equinor, and Google/Cisco. Our insight-driven approach informs and inspires our creativity enabling us to create ideas that positively impact business and change behaviors.

Christian Stenseng has 17 years experience in live communication and brand experiences having worked with both domestic and international brands. At GPJ he is responsible for leading teams across strategy, creative and production to create and design powerful memorable experiences.

In this session Christian will look at some of the world's leading brands who are activating global campaigns and how they use events and experiences to deliver in local markets. How do you translate global messaging into local level content that is culturally relevant but remains consistent to the brand? And how do you ensure world class delivery is retained.