Event industry
We live in a high-tech world and, it seems, we can solve almost any problem.

We survived after 9/11, we met ash from Island, we saw epidemics in 2003 (SARS) and 2011 (N1N1). Now we've met the virus, called COVID-19.

The virus together with slow down in economy cost event industry enormous already. Over 500 conferences in Europe have been canceled.

But business always survives. The reality is that it's just too soon to know and just about impossible to predict.

We advise you to look at the facts and avoid panic.

Soon, we will be able to overcome this and meet new event industry after the virus outbreak.


  • The coronavirus disease was given an official name by the World Health Organization (WHO) – COVID-19.
  • The World Health Organization announced that the Coronavirus is a public health emergency.
  • List of cancelled or postponed events due to coronavirus
  • At this moment (March 9) we crossed 100,000 reported cases of COVID-19 in 100 countries. 4026 people died, 64 032 recovered.
  • Now you can't get coronavirus protection at all in the insurance market because it's a preexisting condition. TERRY WALLER, Managing Director, Arc International Insurance

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow, the events industry is starting to take a hit. There will be significant impact on the events industry this year due to coronavirus. Over 100 agencies will die in few months. We feel for you. We have prepared some of the useful links that hopefully can help.


  • Platforms you should look at to host events virtually (prepared by Adam Perry):

  1. Glisser LIVE - http://bit.ly/32KVyuT

  2. Teooh Inc. - http://bit.ly/34ar2uj

  3. iVent http://bit.ly/2x6bHj0

  4. WorkCast http://bit.ly/2PHJTHX

  5. HeySummit http://bit.ly/2wowWvY

  6. Hopin http://bit.ly/2vyq9Q

  7. Mozilla - http://bit.ly/3amEmh

  8. vFairs - http://bit.ly/2VDfz

  9. Zoom - http://bit.ly/32KUiIg

  10. INEXPO - http://bit.ly/2TgHSVq

  11. Meetyoo http://bit.ly/2TlFBZj

  12. 6Connex http://bit.ly/2uS2nys

  13. vConferenceOnline http://bit.ly/2VFlBCs

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