Event Marketing Manager at AMAZON Web service Nordics&Baltics

I've been organizing events and responsible for its performance for both local and global companies since the beginning of my career.
I'm looking after all things around events for Amazon Web Services in the Nordics & Baltics. The role is both strategic and operational, taking care of events ranging from smaller seminars of 50 people to the largest cloud conference in the Nordics of 5000 attendees.
My successful project is Running the AWS Summit in Stockholm

I feel passionate and empowered when delivering an event project. I've only been in the B2B segment but when it comes to events, I think the line between B2B&B2C has blurred. When we deliver events, we're delivering an experience to real people. It's the experience that matters, that impresses people, that stays in their minds and influences their buying decisions. That's why I appreciate the power of events, and I take pride in what I'm doing, everyday.

David in a few Tweets:

  • My latest projects are: AWS Summit Stockholm
  • I'm more in B2B sector
  • My passion in life is: Travelling around the world and enriching my perspectives
  • My biggest challenge is: How do I keep innovating at my work while having an ultra-busy schedule
  • An awards-winning project must: Delivering authentic experience to the attendees while achieving goals
  • My advice to the nominees: Be true to yourself, and be passionate about your projects
  • When I judge, the most important criteria for me is: The unique experience and great impressions your project brings to its attendees
  • To understand if the project was successful or not I need to: See the goals you set before starting the event project, and compare it against the result
  • The information I need to know/see in your application form is: How you can translate the business/organizational goals into the reality of events
  • Live presentations I appreciate the most are: Straight to the point and show your best!