Creative Lead at Tele2
I work with our brand campaigns and products for our four brands at Tele2. Live events is often part of the overall campaign.
This winter we did a mobile-game activation for Comhem at Dreamhack, really appreciated!

Im a creative with twenty years experience, a passion for innovation and challenging the impossible. Working on the agency side for fifteen
years with and a backpack full of awards. Now on the brand side exploring brand building from the inside. Loving it!

Jennie in a few Tweets:

  • I'm more in B2B/B2C events
  • My passion in life is: Horses and development in everything I do
  • My biggest challenge is: Myself
  • An awards-winning project must: Be built on a true insight
  • My advice to the nominees: Elevator-pitch-mindset
  • When I judge, the most important criteria for me is: See above
  • To understand if the project was successful or not I need to: Know the insight, proved results
  • The information I need to know/see in your application form is: Brief, insight and results
  • Live presentations I appreciate the most are: Elevator-pitch-ones