Executive Creative Director & Architect at Jack Morton Worldwide

Julien Le Bas:
SVP, Executive Creative Director
Jack Morton Worldwide

Jack Morton is a leading global brand experience agency best known for event, promotional and experiential marketing, digital, social, sponsorship and more.

At Jack people believe that how brands act is more important than what they say.

Some of the Jack's numbers:

  • They average 10,000 event activation days per year across the globe.
  • They won 247 creative awards in 2018
  • 44% of Jack Morton's executive leadership team are women.
  • Since 2002, 3.5 billion people have experienced Jack Morton live events.

Julien Le Bas is an award-winning creative director and architect who has powered some of Jack's brand experiences for more than 10 years around the world. First based in France, then Australia, the US and now Germany, his international perspective, strategic thinking and expertise in experience design, interactive media and scenography have fueled many significant corporate and consumer brand experiences.

Julien and his eclectic team bring to life world famous brands daily, with a strong focus on strategy, creative excellence and making the word a better place.

He is the one who stays behind such successful events (ideas) as:

HERE @ CES : http://www.jackmorton.com/work/blending-the-digital-and-physical-world-with-here-at-ces-2019/

Electrolux Better Living Forum headquarter brand experience : http://www.jackmorton.com/work/capturing-electrolux-as-an-enhancer-of-quality-of-life/

Adidas Speed Factory retail launch : http://www.jackmorton.com/work/adidas-personalizing-shoe-design-with-the-speedfactory/

SABIC K 2019 : https://vimeo.com/368713129

He comes to the Forum with the key message: Strategic thinking, eclectic left field creative and respectful values will power the next generations of brand experiences.

He believes that the live communication industry is all about: Inspiring and moving people.

The projects that inspire him most is: Art in general, which is basically creative without framework.

His future challenges are: Building more sustainability into every step of creating and producing live brand experiences.

The biggest problem in live communication industry he sees is: Live communication is a super powerful tool used to shape perception and people's mind. With this power comes the responsibility to do this right and aim at a better world.

He feels happy in Jacks team because of Great values, great people, great network and cool projects.

He sees Scandinavian event industry as: Fresh and agile.


About creativity:
"Events create an interface between brands and the people that matter to them. It is a physical, experiential interface creating bridges between the brand and its audience. Creativity is the material the bridges are made off. It should be present everywhere and not reserved for the "creatives".

Creativity can take all forms and manifest in experiences, media, architecture, storytelling or anyplace. Nonetheless, the best creativity induces a reaction. It moves people and creates memories.

Creativity is not a one-trick pony. It has the power to create memories, bonds, emotions.

Good brand experience creativity must be simple, moving, original and measurable. These four pillars are the core of Jack Morton's creative practices around the world. "

About different cultures:
"Working with various teams and cultures around the world has been a fantastic journey. The greatest learning is the relativity of everything we usually take for granted in an agency environment. Of course, there are the obvious and expected influences of each culture that can be spotted from a mile away. Past the initial reaction, the delight comes with time, curiosity, patience, trust, humility and respect, when we start to see through the varnish, to understand the complexity and richness of the thinking, the people, the tools and the craft. There is no good or bad. There are only contextual nuances. This is not achieved in a few days or weeks. It can take years of full immersion.

In a practical way, working on international accounts for the same agency but embedded in different locations quickly highlights the differences and challenges. Each country does its part rightfully and yet, it doesn't match. Even the concept of brand guidelines can be challenged when developed in a single facetted perspective."

About Jack:
"When I first started at Jack, in Los Angeles, I discovered more than an agency. I discovered a culture and a strong community of very skilled opinionated people sharing passion and agility. The approachability and authenticity of the leadership team fueled this journey and gave me the freedom I needed to develop ideas, people, tools, teams and even move around the world. "

About future of LiveCom industry:
"There are many challenges to come. One that looks massive and will rock the place is transparency or lack of. New technologies and continuous access to large flows of information have transformed our expectations and relationship to brands. Any move a brand makes is scrutinized and results in instant rewards or penalties. In that context, transparency is key to expose the real values, people, struggles or victories. Transparency is the ultimate authenticity, becoming a new foundation for communication and behaviors.

But what about the event industry? The agencies, the partners, the vendors, the venues. The transparency of this industry often stops where the hard questions start. Whether it is about sustainability, culture, practices, everything is often padded with a layer of complaisant opacity.

The challenge of tomorrow will be to deliver extraordinary work and ideas in a fully transparent and respectful manner. "