Event creative director at Allegro Brand Experience Agency

Michal works for one of the biggest event agencies in Poland - Allegro Brand Experience Agency.
He is the one who stays behind such successful events (ideas) as:
Empik Bestsellers modern TV Gala(2016-2019), 24H global CodING Hackathon, adidas Tango League Series 2018/2019 Warsaw edition, global Coca-Cola Leadership Conference "Fast Forward" 2020 in Warsaw and many more…

Example videos of projects:






He believes that the live communication industry is all about:

Having fun and making others have fun.

The projects that inspire him most is:

Are the ones that derail status quo. Example - Burger King moldy burger…

His future challenges are:

I want to make a music festival that will become an icon.

The biggest problem in live communication industry he sees is:

Time consumption and work dynamics that often kill creativity.

He feels him happy in Allegro's team because:

Open minds gathered together who want to make things bigger, better, more fun and not like someone else, not like everyone else.

He sees Scandinavian event industry as:

Well-dressed Vikings with fancy scarfs, scented with patchouli and tonka beans.


1) What is creativity for you? What events are creative?

Imagine creative objects, portrait them in your mind. Now delete those that you've seen before. The ones left are the ones we go for.

2) In events, creativity should first of all help to: see the message, inspire people, attract attention or ?

Create, invent, craft an experience that has an impact. That stays with us.

3) Is there any difference of how people understand the word "creativity" in different countries?

My experience with that is whenever I meet creative people from different countries – we're all happy to see new things, we're open for change and are humble, yet boldly defend our ideas and concepts.

4) What is the best in Poland for you?

We grow and are willing to grow fast and with vision. Poland is a land of entrepreneurs.

5) Could you describe in 3-5 words live communication industry in 2019?

Sustainability comes through the saloon door and draws it's revolvers.
"Hey there, motherfuckers", it says. ß These 3 words.

6) What are the biggest challenges Live communication industry is facing (will be facing soon)?

Time consumption and work dynamics that often kill creativity.