Nordic Brand Director Reebok at Adidas Group
Nicolas was schooled within Absolut Vodka's global marketing department, and is currently part of Adidas Nordic leadership team, heading up Reebok in the Nordic region. As a former professional footballer, he has learnt the importance of personal work ethic and how to create winning teams that are motivated by a single vision.

At the moment he is:

- Part of Adidas Group Nordic Leadership Team (170+ employees)

- Responsible for Reebok in Scandinavia, P&L and Brand marketing

- Team leadership, Among highest Employee Net Promoter Scores for Adidas in Europe

- Brand marketing: (Budget/Coms/PR/Social/Sports Marketing/ Media/Events)

- Commercial responsibility (Sales/Analytics/T&E/SEM/ECOM/ Digital Toolkits/ Account plan)

- A few recent activations:

PR stunt that gained global traction

National campaign with artist Molly Sanden & key customer account Stadium

At the Forum, Nicolas talks about having a purpose, living the values of the company and how that is reflected in our external and internal ways of working.

The current problems in the world can feel insurmountable. Global politics. The environment. Inequality. In the face of such big challenges, it's easy to feel powerless, insignificant, useless and unmotivated. It's easy to feel that as individuals there is nothing we can do in the face of such huge issues. After all, what difference can one person make when a million pieces of plastic are making their way into the oceans every minute?

Well, the good news is that finding purpose in life can be a strong antidote to these feelings as well as helping you find meaningful ways to take action.

For businesses, the idea of purpose is gaining importance as employees and consumers search for meaningful work and brands that represent their world view and ethical standpoint.

According to recent research, nearly two-thirds of consumers around the world now buy or boycott a brand solely because of its position on a social or political issue. For brands like Adidas, the core belief and purpose "Through sport, we have the power to change lives" goes deeper than just advertising. It goes to the heart of our company's culture. We are a purpose-driven company which attracts and nurtures people who strive to live with purpose.