General Manager Sponsrings & Eventsverige AB

I have worked with events and live communication mostly with B2C target group the past 20 years on the buyer side.
6 months ago a started at SES, the industry organization working for sponsoring , exhibitions and events with approx. 300 member companies.

2 of April we arrange Gyllene Hjulet, that night we honour the best projects during 2019 in 15 categories.

Niklas in a few Tweets:

  • My latest projects are (links will be appreciated): Gyllene Hjulet
  • I'm more in: B2C sector
  • My passion in life is: Family, Skiing, Running
  • My biggest challenge is: Be able to do everything above
  • An awards-winning project must: Have clear measurable goals and effect
  • When I judge, the most important criteria for me is: why and for whom?
  • To understand if the project was successful or not I need to: know if you've been able to measure results and if you succeed to meet your targetgroup.
  • The information I need to know/see in your application form is: a clear story about what the project is all about and why did you do it.
  • Live presentations I appreciate the most are: a well thought out story with a twist!