Head of Brand experience Sweden at Vattenfall
Vattenfall is a leading European energy company with over 100 years in the market. It's goal is to enable fossil-free living within one generation.

How to put key message into real life? How to prove brand responsibility?

Vattenfall has been the main sponsor to the Swedish Ski Team for over 25 years. Here Åsa Rolke and Kalle Olsson Bexell will share their story about the cooperation and its development throughout the years. They will touch upon how they work together to combat the climate issue and what they do to inspire the world to join the journey.


- What are the main changes in live communication that are yet to come?
I think you need to show that you make a difference. We always think about our goal in all our activations "enable fossil free living within one generation" and add value to the event itself where possible.

- What would you like to share at Baltic-Nordic Event Forum, what is your key message?
We would like to inspire people to make a difference at events and activations, not just put up a logo and be happy with it, but rather show that you are serious in making the world a better place, within your own field. We would like to show a few examples of what we have done to make a difference in our field, the energy industry, and how we have made events more climate smart.

- What are the successful events for you? How do you measure the success?
We always have various KPIs for events, both external KPIs, like drive Top of Mind or increase preference, and internal KPIs as we want our employees to feel part of the event and be engaged.

- What should event organizers think first when working with big brands?
They should think big and broad and how we together can make a difference.